Friday, April 17, 2009

Never Judge A Book By It's Cover

A few weeks ago if Susan Boyle had told someone that she was one of the world's greatest singers, she would have been laughed out of every room without anyone taking a chance to hear what she had to say. Hell even as she was on stage in Britian for the very first time her daughter hid her face in shame possibly partialy because she thought her mother would embarass her. Nobody took her seriously and when it played on the news the next morning. We all thought that it would be like those oh so embarassing and hilarious clips like the ones we see every new season of American Idol. We didn't expect that this woman who reminds me of what Mrs. Butterworth or Betty Crocker would look like to be able to capture the audiences attention like she did. And that is how she left the crowd speechless. Within moments she had a crowd that was prepared to laugh her off the stage was awestruck and speechless because one of the world's greatest vocalist came in such an unusual package.
There is one valuable lesson to this story. Never judge a book by its cover. Just because someone doesn't fit the description, don't write it them off as a reject. And likewise, just because you feel like you may not fit the description of what the media thinks something should look like, doesn't mean that you should disqualify yourself. Hey ask Mr. Obama about that one!

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