Thursday, August 26, 2010

What Can We Do With Kat Stacks

I have to keep in mind during this post that I do have young readers and followers so I will keep this as PG as you possibly can when discussing Kat Stacks. Okay so if you have been any where on planet hip hop you know about Soulja Boy getting caught up with with hip hop hoe Kat Stacks. And if you haven't well you can check it out @ Kat Stacks is putting another rapper on blast for what they do in their personal lives.

I have had enough of this nasty trashy poor excuse for a rapper. WTF is going on in the world when trash like Kat Stacks is passed around. Why is it that men like Soulja Boy put them selves in a position to get caught up like that? It's funny because while kicking it with a very close male frined he told me that Kat Stacks just needed some good well....loving and she wouldn't be like that. And that is the problem that most men have...they think that they will be that one to change that chick. That they will put it on her to the point that she won't have anything negative to say about them. That they have that magic stick. Attention all rappers!!! Tramps like Kat Stacks can't be changed. She is out for one thing only and that is to ruin lives and gain popularity. She thrives off of negativity. She makes her living off making rap dudes look bad. Then when you dummies get caught up you have the stupid face on.

So here's what I think we as the hip hop community should do about Kat Stacks. Somebody should call the police and inform them that their is a non-citizen here in the US that has been making a living off of prostitution and exploitation. Get her dumb ass deported back to Venezuela. Until then men if you see her on the street keep it moving and don't say a word. Women don't encourage this type of behavior by a tramp like this....clown her using every resource possible. And if you are really bout it if you see Kat Stacks on the street you need to mop the floor with her nasty self. I'm just saying.

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