Monday, October 25, 2010

Right to Privacy

When you decide to become a celebrity, in exchange for the glitz and glamour you kind of agree to share your public life with fans, bloggers, critics, and journalist. Every graceful and bashful moment. Every love interest and heartbreak. Your life is broadcast via twitter, blogs, and youtube. But is that fair? No, but it's reality.
In my personal opinion (which is the only one that matters) a celebrity diva (maybe with the initials M.C0 should be given the same amount of privacy during pregancy that they require on a day to day basis. You can't pick and choose what you want us to know. Well you can but its unfair to the fans who are invited into your lives and then shut out on a whim.
And I just knew MC was gonna let it all out at her Christmas album release party, but she choked up.
And then what's to hide?
Why not let the world enjoy in your expected bundle of joy? Just a few months ago you invited us in when you wanted to croon about Eminem's obsesion with you (oh yeah you weren't talking about Slim Shady) now we aren't in again.Cold it possibly be that at 40 their are more issues to worry about surrounding your pregnancy? Could it be because you don't want the world to know that you not only married but conceived a child with a man-child?
I mean really though, pregnant or not, you're still the same mariah that serenades us with your holiday tunes.
So spill the beans already!!!!

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