Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years Resolutions

New year, new layout, new resolutions.
The first two actually apply, but the latter not so much. I decided that this year I would be totally different. With that change I decided that that I would not be setting resolutions for myself because they are always broken. This year instead I will set standards for myself. Instead of vowing to quit cursing or to be more punctual ( I'm always running late), I just vowed to improve myself all around. I'm not going to set unrealistic goals for myself because that just leads to a ton of disappointment at the end of the year when you have a list of unresolved resolutions.
 With that said, yes it is a new year, so to spice things up I did decide to re-design the blog. Not much just changed the background and I also removed a lot of the unnecessary clutter that was weighing down my page. That is my gift for you. I want to give you all of me minus the drama. So for 2011 it's straight up no chaser. None of the frills of 2010.
I'm actually excited for this year. it seems to be very promising for us all. My online magazine True Link will be publishing its anniversary issue, so make sure that you log on to and subscribe so you can have it delivered to your inbox as soon as  it's released.
Until then, respect and love each other and yourselves.

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