Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ray J Reps Say Hell No To Sex Tape Rumor!!!!

Representatives for Ray J are shooting down reports that the One Wish crooner is trying to come up by selling footage of hime and Whitney Houston getting hot and heavy. Not only does Ray's camp deny the allegations of the tape being on the auction block, but they are also denying the tapes existence.

"The despicable tabloid report released today claiming the existence of a sex tape between Ray J and Whitney Houston is not true," Ray J's rep, Courtney Barnes, tells E! News. "This story along with so many others have been released to sell magazines. There is no sex tape or explicit photos."

I can't say that I believe that there isn't a tape at all, In mean Ray J is notorious for his cameo appearnces in celeb pornos. However, I don't believe that Ray J would ever try to sell such a tape knowing that it would ruin Whitney's legacy. I don;t know what to think but......

Shame on it all!!!!!

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