Thursday, November 12, 2009

Social Networking Etiquete:Relationships and the Internet

In the dawn of the social networking era, websites such as Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook have become the social platform for people everywhere to stay connected. Men, women, young, old, black, white and brown every person has utilized one of these networks either for business or pleasure. They keep us connected to friends and family member we would have previously lost touch with, keeps us in the loop about current events, and also monitors every move we make. We update our statuses, post pictures, even give people notifications about every little change in our lives. Sometimes I think that people think that people mistake their pages for their diaries. I can't count how many times I have logged onto one of these pages to find my notification box full of things like John Brown's relationship status has changed from married to single and then back again. or Plain Jane's staus is " Oh I love him so much" and then twenty minutes later it's " F**K HIM HE AIN'T S**T. I HATE HIM!" I mean come on people. I am a serious advocate of keeping personal business personal and not letting the billions of people who use thesensites to know what's going on at home. I mean think about it whatever you post on these sites anybody can see so when it comes to relationships and social networking here are the rules.
  • Don't post your relationship status as married unless you are actually married and that means with a certificate and a ring.
  • Don't post your relationship status as in a relationship if the other person is not commited to you.
  • If you and your significant other get into an argument don't post that online. Cyberspace doesn't need to know that Bobby and Suzy got into an argument. besides that leaves opportunity for other people to try to sneak in on your territory and take advantage of you vulnerability.
  • And never diss someone you just broke up with online. You never know if you will get back together, but besides that it's just tacky and shows that your are bitter about the break-up.


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