Friday, November 13, 2009

Jail is the new black

Yesterday as I was browsing through my favorite web pages, after I read about Katt Williams being jailed for burgulary charges I came across an article about Gucci Mane being in jail again. Yes that's right rapper Gucci Mane whose real name is Roderick Davis was taken into custody after a parole violation.  The rapper who is thought to be at the peak of his career and awaiting the release of his first mainstream LP, will now be joining rappers like TI and Lil' Wayne to name a few behind bars. So it's got me thinking is jailhouse rappers going to be the trend once again? It seems likeit. Go to jail, get some street credibility, and then come out and make a new album. Do we not remember what happened to rapper Shyne who was just recently released from a prison sentence stemming from a nightclub incident at the height of his career? When will rappers realize that once you are in the spotlight you must leave the street life for good, and when will we stop feeding into the hype from rappers who run back and forth to jail for record sales? And when will rappers realize that they are targets and when you are black money doesn't buy you out of anything? I'm not saying that these charges are racially motivated but I do remember hearing a while ago about a certain Hollywood director getting away with child molestation for many years even after he was charged. Justice is in the eye of the beholder and I see none.

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