Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Celebrity Infidelities

So Tiger Woods has rocked the media for the past few weeks with the news of his car crash due to infidelity, rumors of a baby out of wedlock, and him leaving golf indefinetly because he needs to be with his family. Yes he has rocked it for sure, so much so that he has inspired my newest blog post. But I don't want to talk so much about Tiger Woods as an individual but more about male celebrities as a whole.
What is it that makes a man think that just because he makes millions that he has the right or the privelege to cheat on his wife? And what is it that makes a woman think that money is a good enough reason to forgive a man for his infidelities?
Is it true what they say? Can money really buy happiness? I'm not sure. I mean I am a woman who loves money but think about this. When your man is famous that makes you semi-famous. So that means everywhere you go you will be known as the dummy who stayed with him. And I'm not saying that if a woman goes back to her man after he has cheated then she is a dummy. What I am saying is that this world is full of nay sayers.
People who are always talking about what they would have done if it was them, the ones who always have the perfect response to a situation that they have never been in. So you have to be prepared for that as a woman. You also have to be prepared to be that woman that every cehating lying dog of a man will use as an example when he comes home with some sorry gift and an excuse for why he cheated. I don't think man ever think about the fact that the media makes a heart break even worse. I mean look at Kate Gosselin, I guarantee if Jon wasn't all in the media talking about how she abused him and making a fool out of him her and tehir basketball team of children, she would have stayed. My conclusion...if you are a celebrity you better either not have a relationship or make sure that you keep everything(and that includes your penis) under wraps!

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