Sunday, December 6, 2009

Monogamy of the Black Man

Okay so we have heard all about the Tiger Woods infidelity scandal. I'm not going to go to much into that. If you wanna hear about that its all over the blog-o-sphere. What I want to talk about is a comment that I heard the other day related to this issue. I'm not sure what radio station I was listening to during my daily commute but they were taking callers and this one young lady called in and said that she wasn't suprised to find out that Tiger cheated because he was a black man and that black men are incapable of being monagomous. I am shaking my head as I read this.
When will we stop making excuses like this?
If we all remember Tiger Woods never identified himself as a black man. He was canablanasian or some Harry Potter type species. When he won the PGA tour we didn't say that he won because African American males have greater athletic ability than any others and thats why he won. No he won because he was a great athletic male period! make statements like that woul mean that only black celebrities cheat. I guess we forgot about David Letterman and his secretary, Josh Duhamel and a stripper, Jude Law and his nanny, and the infamous Bill Clinton scandal(wait you guys consider the last one to be black).
What I am saying is this....every time a black man does something negative it is not because he is a black man. That is another cope out excuse. There are plenty of good black men in this world who don't cheat. I'm proud to say that I have one. And if you are a woman who can't seem to find a good man maybe it's because you aren't a good woman.

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