Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Basketball Wives Season 2 Reunion

Well as expected the cast of Basketball Wives put on a show for the season finale. So much so that they had to break the show up into two segments. Drama, DRAMA, DRAMA is all I can say. Mostly between Eve-Jen and Royce. It seems like they just couldn't find enough petty b.s to cackle about and it was purely entertaining. Evelyn pretty much had drama with everyone except for Shaunie and Jen and since Jen's "loyalty" resides with Evelyn she pretty much just sided with whatever Evelyn had to say. 

 Sidenote:I find it simply entertaining to watch Jen try to tell someone off don't you?

I also loved the new attitude Royce had. I guess since she pretty much knows that she won't be on Season 3 she figured she would lay the cards on the table and say how she really felt about everyone. I was a little disappointed however that they didn't mention the so called beef between her and Shaunie over Shaunie's little young thing trying to romance Royce. Makes me think there's no truth to that rumor.
But Royce did go in in Evelyn and Jen which they both deserved. While Royce pointed the character flaws that Eve-Jen had all they really had to talk about was Royce's cheap dress. It was cheap guys but she did rock it well. 
But you know how those girls are about their fashion. It was a Christian Louboutin parade on the stage. Was it just me or was Evelyn a little overly colorful? Maybe it's just time for her to start dressing her age. Gloria was looking fabulous in that little mamcita number she had on. You go girl. Tami was also looking fabulous. Did not expect all that. She finally got her Basketball Wives check so she could do a little something. A double you go girl to you Tami!!!
Here's my question though. Did Tami and Evelyn patch things up or are they still beefed out. I couldn't  really tell because the two are so psycho and switch up so much. Someone please comment below and clear things up.

All in all, the Basketball Wives Season 2 finale was a very interesting show but at some point I felt like I was watching a video of high school girls. Season finale host John Salley couldn't have said it better they do "teenage woman sh**". I think it's time for the basketball wives to step their game up for season three. Especially if Shaunie wants to make it to season 10 like she said last night on the reunion show. Well I know I will be watching Basketball Wives Season 3 and giving you all the info!

If you missed Basketball Wives Season 2 reunion show check out a video clip here . Also check out photos

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