Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Fashion Report

Spring is fast approaching and you know what that means new fashion trends!!!! I am extremely excited about shopping this season after seeing the fashion and make up trends exhbibited during the fashion weeks. Here's some of the things me and my gems liked the best.
Punk rock fashion still reigns. Skinny jeans, graphic tees, spiked heels, and flannel shirts are still in. My favorite punk rock trend is the dark black eyeliner. Here's a cute little tutorial on How To Dress Punk Rock CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE TUTORIAL

Biker clothing is extremely hot this season. Lots of leather( or pleather for my PETA girls) jackets, gloves, vest, and boots. I think it's fun sometimes to channel your inner biker chick especially in fashion. Try a plain white tee under a leather vest paired with light blue jeans and leather boots with plenty of straps and buckles. Throw in a couple pieces of studded jewelry for that true road warrior look.

Wes Gordon Trench
Spring 2011

Burberry Trench
 For the chilly days trench coats are the Burberry is killing it with their trenches with the studs on the arms and shoulders.....

It seems like all of the fashion trends from way back when are coming back. Crocheted tops and skirts are becoming increasingly popular amongst the bohemian's and wide leg pants with high waist are becoming a trend for the more sophisticated dresser. Me I switch my style everyday so I must invest in them all. Check out the crocheted tops from my fashion line ICSY Beautiful at

Alberta Ferretti
Spring 2011
 I'm also loving that japanese inspired clothing has popped back on the scene. Now I'm not trying to see you divas out here in the full kimonos with geisha buns and pale make up on your faces. A simple yet elegant kimono inspired top with a skirt made of some type of flowy fabric like the one by Alberta Ferretti to the left will keep you in style for spring 2011.
Another fashion trend that I absolutely love are these amazingly sexy trench dresses. With the right accessories and make up you can take them from a day at work, to lunch and shopping with the girls, and then an evening with the one you love (or love to be with). But if you are just looking for a sexy but suttle outfit for a night out I am feeling the sheer over lace. Try maybe a sheer blouse over  a lace lined corset with jeans or leggings if you dare and those infamous CFM boots... we all have them!

Giambattista Valli
 For patterns textile designers are really giving us a reason to reach into our over-sized bags and spend! Funky prints are the rage this season along with bold neon colors and suttle desert solors. But of course spring can't be spring without floral prints.

Of course if you know me at all you will know that I live for the accessory. I truly believe with every part of my fashionista soul that accessories willl make or break your outfit. A plain jean and fitted white tee can be club ready with the right accessory and for this spring 2011 that is almost every accessory designers objective.
 This season you are going to see plenty of tassles from shoes to purses to earrings. Oversized bling is also a trend this season. Channel your inner rap star with this vintage Chanel chain my fellow blogger put me on. Preppy accessories were also very popular amongst the fashion week runways so expect to see plent of boat shoes, smart leather bags, and pearls. Christian Louboutin also is coming full force with the clutches decorated with spikes and chains and studs...oh my!!! Be sure to check out for your custom accessory needs.

Christian Louboutin clutch

Guess who crept back in our lives. The wedge heel and she brought her sister the vlog to visit. Now clogs I'm not too excited for but the wedge is made for divas all over. It gives you height, comfort, and sophistication all in one cute little wedge heel. Welcome back my love.
Wedge open toe booties.

Not your typical wedge...interesting though.

As a make up artist I know how important it is to have the perfect make up with the perfect outfit and this spring you should have no problems pulling it off.
Mary Kay has definetly stepped their game up with their make up making them not only the number one cosmetic line but also a contender in the make up game visit for the latest additions to their collection. You can also check out the Mary kay Trend Report for their fashion predictions and make up tips.
MAC also has some amazing additions to its line. Keeping up with the pink lip trend they have added Pink Nouveau lipstick to the collection. I also love the new denim palletes they have available, could have something to do with my obsession with denim. And the name fits it so well because it is Jeanius. Visit to check out these new hits!

If you are the type of bold chick who rocks the red lipstick then here's an amazing variation to your killer style, orange lipstick was seen all over the fashion week runways this past February and you know what I absolutely love it! I tried it on a few of my clients and here's a tip...if you are going to wear orange lipstick then keep the rest of the make up on your face to a minimum. Send me an email of you have any make up questions @ .
Well that's all I have for now, subscribe to for my full Spring 2011 Fashion Report.
Until later gems love and peace to you all...and don't forget to join . It's an amazing fashion social networking site.

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  1. You have really great work on fashion, I have also some collection on the spring fashion I hope you like it

  2. Old fashion trends always seem to come around eventually. The Burberry trench looks great.