Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mo' money, mo' problems. Fred Hampton Jr. responds to Jay-Z's Fred Hampton Verse

Another case of a sensitive Susan. Son of Black Panther Fred Hampton who was assassinated by the New York Police is all up in arms about the way Jay Z described Hampton's death in Murder of Excellence. During a screening for The Black Power Mixtape:1967-1975 Fred Hampton Jr. blasted Hov for the following lyric ” I arrived on the day Fred Hampton died, real niggas don't die they multiply”. Apparently Hampton has a problem with the fact that Jigga didn't let the world know that ” Fred Hampton didn't die he was assassinated” and even called him Slave-Z.
Come on now!!!! It's a lyric died rhymed with alive, assassinated didn't fit and instead of trying to beef with Hov, how about use this opportunity to educate the masses on who your father really was.
I'm just saying.......

Jay Z and Kanye West have yet to release a statement.

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