Tuesday, October 11, 2011

BET Awards 2011

The BET Awards were major this year as expected. Here are my favorite moments from this years BET Hip Hop Awards.

  1.  Mike Epps killed it with the comedy.
  2. T.I got a great welcome back during his opening performance.
  3. Wiz Khalifa rocked the stage with his rockstar performance.
  4. There was a lot of new talent in the cyphers this year, but I think we can all agree that Busta Rhymes just about killed it.
  5. I love Ludacris' lyric "any n**** talk slick I'll Tami Roman them".
  6. The blind rapper was mad cool too. We are way more open and embracing. They should have had Fifty Tyson on there too.
  7. DMX also hit the stage with a fury with his right hand man Swizz Beats. It was good to see the both of them performing. They performed a few of their old classics, and I was just about to clown!!!!
  8. What was Rick Ross wearing during the cypher? I'm feeling his confidence but silk pajamas are never sexy on a big guy.
  9. I love how Too $hort introduced Lupe Fiasco. Hip Hop is real and it is something that they can never take from you. Speaking of Lupe's performance how shocked were you to find out that it was Erykah Badu.
  10. I love Estelle's freestyle flow "same thing different currency". Dope
  11. LL Cool J had the realest acceptance speech ever. I wonder if he really worte that on his way there.
  12. The Shady 2.0 was quite entertaining too. Eminem spiced it up with a little comedy while keeping true to his old school Eminem style.
  13. How amazing was it to see Heavy D performing on stage again? It took me back to my childhood days and I just had to get up and dance. Hip hop at it's finest.

More pictures from the BET Hip Hop Awards 2011

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Check out clips from the BET Hip Hop Awards 2011 here.

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