Sunday, October 9, 2011

Large and In Charge: Comedian Turned Actress Luenell Is Blowing Up

I was so happy to see my girl Luenell Campbell in October's issue of Sister 2 Sister Magazine. You may recognize her as one of the most colorful female comedians in stand-up comedy or from her role in Borat, but if not look for her in upcoming projects such as Steve Harvey's book turned movie Act Like A Lady Think A Man and I Hate You Dad an Adam Sandler film where Luenell plays a stripper.
Despite her size, it is apparent that Luelle sees her self as a sex symbol. She is always known for her raunchy comedy and her cinfidence on stage, Her confidence probably comes from the struggle that Luenell has experienced. From her estranged husband leaving her due to a drug habit, to not living with her mother after her uncle killed her father , to having to sacrifice raising her daughter for years in order to make a better life for the both of them, Luenell has seen it all. Yet she still manages to hold her head high.

Read more about Leunell in the October issue of Sister2Sister Magazine or visit for news and info.

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