Monday, September 28, 2009

Because the triangle is a traditional symbol of life, walking through a ladder brings bad luck.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fwd: FWD: BREAKING NEWS... Kanye West just interrupted Patrick Swayzes funeral to let everyone know that Michael Jacksons death was better. Lol.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye West, Lady Gaga, and more VMA news

Okay so the VMAs were last night and man was it a site to see! I'm not one of those bloggers who watches red carpet shows hoping to find something interesting to talk about not at all. I tuned into the VMAs to see what BET failed to do...a real Michael jackson tribute and a tribute it was.

When Janet Jackson performed Scream without Michael my eyes weren't the only ones that were watering.

AND speaking of teary eyes...

Of course you know I have to talk about Kanye West' antics last night. Now i am an avid Kanye fact I have often been compared to the female version of Kanye West. I love his big ego, such a big ego. But Kanye let his ego get the best of him when he crashed Taylor Swifts moon man acceptance speech. I do agree with Kanye West 100%, there is no way that Taylor Swift beat Beyonce in anything no matter what, but there is a time and place for everything Kanye. Love you hon...muah!

Check out the video courtesy of MTV

But of course Beyonce with her Diva self allowed Taylor to come on stage and finally do her acceptance speech. Poor Taylor looked like she was scared that Kanye would fly out of the sky and snatch the mike from her again! Oh Kanye there you go again shaking up things in the hip hop world again!

But honestly is anyone who has been watching tv in the past 3 or 4 years suprised by what Kanye West says anymore? I hope not...I mean he did tell the world during a Hurricane Katrina Benefit that george Bush didn't like black people! The man speaks the truth and doesn't care about what people think. And everyone knows that they love Kanye to death for it!
But Kanye wasn't the only one drawing attention that night. Lady Gaga stole the show with her performance and costumes. It was far from Kermit the Frog she looked more like a bloody statue of liberty meets a scare crow meets Lady Gaga. It was fabulous and scary at the same time. During her performance there were guys dancing with thongs on their faces, fake blood, and wheelchairs which I didn't understand but I loved it!!! Also she dedicated her award to God and the gays.
Side note- I finally found out how to pronounce 30h!3
But the host was weird as heck and definetley high off something!
And did anyone notice that when the lead singer from Greenday (who gave the best performance ever!!!!) asked girls to get on the stge the first one only had on a tshirt?
And finally Pink did her thing on the trapeze...I was so scared for her though. Serious girl power chica!!!!