Saturday, January 23, 2010

Disaster in Haiti

Last week on January 13, 2010 I remember watching CNN with the tv muted with headlines reading, Disaster in Haiti , or something to that effect. From what I could see there had been some kind of earthquake but I thought it wasn't that bad just an average earthquake probably a few dozen injured some buildings torn down right?

As I continued to surf the web that day at work the stories began to roll in. Thousands and thousands were reported dead. I witnessed a young girl trapped under buliding cry out for her mother and father who were probably dead. I saw a three day old baby with part of his scalp falling off. People were frantic and crying.
That's when it hit me...this was more serious than I thought it was.
That evening as I watched CNN my tears served as glue and my eyes were stuck to the screen. I couldn't believe what had happened. This was a tragedy worse than Katrina. I thought about all of the orphans crying, the parents who clung to dead children, and the hundreds of dead bodies that were thrownin the back of trucks to be transported.

And for a second I thought just like millions of other people, how could God allow something like this to happen to his children. It wasn't until the reverend from the 700 club, Pat Robertson, put his foot in his mouth by saying that the Haitians were cursed, that I realized that we as humans really need to stop trying to find an explanation for why things like this happened. I think when we do that it gives us a reason not to help others. I have actually heard people say thatthe Haitians shouldn't be helped because they practice voodoo and are devil worshipers.
This is inhumane.

First who are we to decide who deserves to live or die? Just because someone doesn't believe in the same things we do means that they deserved for the earth to swallow them whole? God didn't teach anyone to choose who we love and don't. Just as God loves all of his children and we should to. What part of religion does it say that children should go without proper medical attention, food, clothing, and water?
The worst part about it is that the aftershocks from these earthquake's will last for years and years.
So I have decided to do whatever I possibly can to help the Haiti in it's time of need.
Below I have compiled a list of ways that you personally can help to donate also before you read the methods  I have compiled a list of statistics so those of you who don't believe that this is serious cn see for yourselves how serious this is!!!!!
People please do whatever you can to help these people.


A Haitian official at the United Nation's said on Wednesday that 100,000 of his countrymen had died in the earthquake.

Some 132 people were pulled alive from beneath collapsed buildings by international search and rescue teams since the Jan. 12 disaster

About 609,000 people are homeless in the capital's metropolitan area, and the United Nations estimates that up to 1 million could leave Haiti's destroyed cities for rural areas already struggling with extreme poverty.

Here's What We Can Do To Help
Text YELE to 501501 to make a $5.00 donation to YELE Haiti, Wyclef's organization
Text  Haiti to 90999 to make a $10.00 donation to the Red Cross which will be added to your next phone bill
Gather all unused clothing, medical supplies and food and take them to your local Salvation Army or Red Cross donation center.
Shop with ICSY Beautiful 50% of all proceeds until the end of February will go to YELE Haiti
For every new subscription to True Link Magazine's digital editions until the end of February, one dollar will be donated to YELE Haiti.

If you know any other ways to help please leave a comment or send to

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

BARBIES-Basic Ass Ridiculous Bitches Imitating Everyones Swag
Are you a barbie? Check out the new

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Barbies and Queens

Recently thanks to the new female rapper on the scene, Nikki Minaj, everrytime I turn around I hear some young girl talking about how much of a Barbie she is. It's driving me crazy!!! What is it about being a Barbie that is so intriguing?

What is a Barbie?
So if you are trying to be a Barbie then you are trying to be a big chuk of fake plastic right?
That means fake hair, fake lashes, fake nails, and most of all fake personalities.
Being a Barbie doesn't represent beauty, it represents trying to fit a mold. So when you say that you are a Barbie you are basically saying that I am not good enough so I have to change myself into something that I have been taught all of my life to think is the image of perfect.

As a young girl I used to pop the  heads off of my Barbies, disgusted to find out that they had no brains on the inside.
Now as a grown woman I'm popping the heads off all of the fake plastic Barbies to expose your emptiness.
Not only that how can we take Barbie and relate her to some one who raps about having sex for money or having threesomes? Come on ladies let's get it together and realize that when you idolize a hooker you act like a hooker? What happend to the days of Lauryn Hill, MC Lyte, and Yo Yo when women rapped about uplifting themselves and being queens and divas?
So all the real women let's make this the new motto....
I'm not a barbie I'm a queen.