Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Black Guvernment Music Group presents The Campaign

They STANDING ON THE STAGE , waving the BLACK FLAG, you got your HANDS UP cuz you know IT'S REAL. They got the BAD BITCHES following them at 2 AM ready to get ON DA POLE maybe go somewhere FAR AWAY. But they aren't trying to WINE AND DINE just some SMASHIN...and after the beat it UP they sending them to VOICEMAIL. Yes they are so DISRESPECTFUL, but please keep it COOL GREY, we got that HOOD FAME locked from 7 mile to JOY RD. So please let us know if IT'S A PROBLEM, cuz nobody is FUCKING WITH MY TEAM! IT'S THE CAMPAIGN!!!!!!!

Download The Campaign FREE!!!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Download The Campaign Mixtape!!!!!!

Make sure you check in with me at midnight for the FREE download link to Black Guvernment's The Campaign Mixtape!!!!

Black Guvernment On The Road......

Black Guvernment not only hit the city of Detroit to promote The Campaign mixtape, but we let our stamps on multiple cities.
Check out photos of Black Guvernment as we campaign for The Campaign.


Pssssssst.......heyyyyyyyyy! Miss me?
I've been gone running around with Black Guvernment Music Group while they have been working on a project called The Campaign. I've experienced long studio nights, witnessed ideas manifest into magic, and even got to hit the road with the gang.
Now with The Campaign mixtape being released in just a few short hours, I would like to announce that the blogger formerly known as Mz.Knowitall will be retiring this blog! You are now experiencing the Black Guvernment blog takeover. Welcome to the unofficial Black Guvernment fan blog!
But this isn't the last you have heard from me. You can catch be here blogging about Black Guvernment or you can catch my alter ego Stiletto McQueen  at
Stay midnight The Campaign mixtape will be released and I will have the free download link as a parting gift for you all. Until then much luv....
The one and only Mz.Knowitall