Thursday, November 26, 2009

Just a bunch of random thoughts caused by overdosing on the media and chaos in Detroit

This morning while I was on my way to work listening to some talk radio my brain began to slowly swell and I felt a headache coming on. And then I thought about it, everytime I am listening to talk radio this same things happen. I have concluded that I am overdosing on media. Yes people anything is bad for you if you don't take it in moderation. I admit it...I am a media junkie. So I decided to take an entire week without all the tv,radio,blogs,magazines,etc...Yeah so that was too hard so here, you are a witness to my relapse.

Okay so first thing.

Now I have to admit lately I haven't been such a fan of 50 Cent's music lately. I mean I always will respect him as a business man but I don't know something about his music just hasn't been reaching me lately. It's funny how quickly things change because after hearing his recently released album , Before I Self Destruct, I have jumped back on the 50 Cent train. It's not just the fact that it reminded me so much of his first cd, back when his lyrics were gritty, rugged, and screaming of the streets, but it was also the fact that you got two movies came with it. He comes hard again with his killer hooks, and brings back some of his most famous catch phrases. For the past two days evey five seconds one of my favorite tracks would play over and over again" Have a baby by me baby, be a millionare". There was one that had the same title as the cd which was a dramatic portrayl of a young street ball player turned assasin (50 cent) and his demise. The other was a documentary about the life and death of hip hop legend Jam Master Jay. It raises dangerous questions about who really killed him and what people who were there that night know that they aren't saying. I don't want to give you too much detail about either of these movies because they are both a must see!!!

As I mentioned before I was listening to talk radio on the way to work, which partially caused my media overdose, and the topic was Chris Brown and Rihanna once again. I thought the situation had pretty much died down until the interviews on Good Morning America and MTV, so here we go again down the yellow brick road. Well I was kind of upset because once again there were women on air live defending Chris once again and trying to make Rihanna seem like the villian. It's sad. People need to realize how serious an issue domestic violence is and if we keep victimizing the assailants then we condone this violence. Be more aware of what your opiniions really say about yourself. If a woman can't confront a man about his wrong doings without him getting physically violent than he is not a man. Bottom line.

And while we are on the subject of violence I want to end this note on a serious tip. There is a serious crime wave going on in this world but it's hitting closer to home in my hometown of Detroit. In the last month three women have come up missing, one found dead, there were two murder suicides, and a father made his 15 year old son strip naked in the middle of the street and then shot him execution style. There is a serious problem going on and no one seems to know how to solve it. Some people say we just all need to love each other but mankind is obviously incapable of doing that. Some people say it's rap music and the media that causes this violence but that's just another cope out. I think it's the lack of respect for the law and God's most precious creation. If police would become protectors instead of enforcers and if people understood the value of life then maybe this world would have a chance.  Respect eachother. Realize that a human life is more precious than your reputation or any material thing.
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Friday, November 13, 2009

Jail is the new black

Yesterday as I was browsing through my favorite web pages, after I read about Katt Williams being jailed for burgulary charges I came across an article about Gucci Mane being in jail again. Yes that's right rapper Gucci Mane whose real name is Roderick Davis was taken into custody after a parole violation.  The rapper who is thought to be at the peak of his career and awaiting the release of his first mainstream LP, will now be joining rappers like TI and Lil' Wayne to name a few behind bars. So it's got me thinking is jailhouse rappers going to be the trend once again? It seems likeit. Go to jail, get some street credibility, and then come out and make a new album. Do we not remember what happened to rapper Shyne who was just recently released from a prison sentence stemming from a nightclub incident at the height of his career? When will rappers realize that once you are in the spotlight you must leave the street life for good, and when will we stop feeding into the hype from rappers who run back and forth to jail for record sales? And when will rappers realize that they are targets and when you are black money doesn't buy you out of anything? I'm not saying that these charges are racially motivated but I do remember hearing a while ago about a certain Hollywood director getting away with child molestation for many years even after he was charged. Justice is in the eye of the beholder and I see none.

News Hits
9/11 suspects to be tried in court today

Mexican druglord 41 most powerful person on Forbes 2009 Most Powerful People list...others on the list Oprah and Osama Bin Laden.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Social Networking Etiquete:Relationships and the Internet

In the dawn of the social networking era, websites such as Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook have become the social platform for people everywhere to stay connected. Men, women, young, old, black, white and brown every person has utilized one of these networks either for business or pleasure. They keep us connected to friends and family member we would have previously lost touch with, keeps us in the loop about current events, and also monitors every move we make. We update our statuses, post pictures, even give people notifications about every little change in our lives. Sometimes I think that people think that people mistake their pages for their diaries. I can't count how many times I have logged onto one of these pages to find my notification box full of things like John Brown's relationship status has changed from married to single and then back again. or Plain Jane's staus is " Oh I love him so much" and then twenty minutes later it's " F**K HIM HE AIN'T S**T. I HATE HIM!" I mean come on people. I am a serious advocate of keeping personal business personal and not letting the billions of people who use thesensites to know what's going on at home. I mean think about it whatever you post on these sites anybody can see so when it comes to relationships and social networking here are the rules.
  • Don't post your relationship status as married unless you are actually married and that means with a certificate and a ring.
  • Don't post your relationship status as in a relationship if the other person is not commited to you.
  • If you and your significant other get into an argument don't post that online. Cyberspace doesn't need to know that Bobby and Suzy got into an argument. besides that leaves opportunity for other people to try to sneak in on your territory and take advantage of you vulnerability.
  • And never diss someone you just broke up with online. You never know if you will get back together, but besides that it's just tacky and shows that your are bitter about the break-up.


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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chivalry and 3D Movies

I had never seen a movie in 3D before. I never understood the fun in wearing those goofy glasses and sitting in a theater while images jump off the screen. But just like I do every other rainy day in Detroit when the thought of being inside was absolutely unbearable me and my love went to the matinee. After a whole week of rainy days we decided to finally see Final Destination 3D. I'm not saying it was my last choice, but as I'd mentioned before I had never seen a movie in 3D before so ...well you know how it is when you're trying something new. In fact when we got to the ticket counter the cashier, whose lack of enthusiasm showed the repetitve nature of her job, offered us an option to see it like a regular movie or see it in 3D. I almost chose the regular one. But being the brave soul that I am, I decided to try something new. So I ordered plenty of goodies, settled down with my new "stunna shades" on and prepared for the ride. Now Final Destination movies are already scary enough. But for metal objects, glass, and body parts to be coming directly at you made the movie 100  times scarier!!!! I felt like I was in the movie and like a child I found myself reaching out to grab objects that I knew weren't there or ducking behind my boyfriend to avoid being killed by things that I knew were coming right towards my head. It was an amazing movie experience.

And while we're talking about movies...does anyone remember that movie "Dude Where's My Car?". That was one of those movies that was absolutely stupid and below my intelligence level but I loved it so much. It seemed as if it was one of those moments where I could just dumb down and laugh at things that made absolutely no sense. But everytime I watch that movie at the end I always ask myself what could I possibly find funny in that movie? Or maybe it really wasn't the humor, but instead Ashton Kutcher's beatiful boy features.

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Is Chivalry Dead?
My father was a gentleman. He raised me to be not only a lady but a princess. My dad would open the door, pull out the chaair, pay the bill and all that other super star stuff that real men do. Because of that I will compare every man to my father and every man must treat me like his princess. At my age you haven't had that much experience dating but as my dad the gentleman would say, "There's bought sense and there's borrowed sense." Basically that translates to there are some things we learn the hard way through our own experinces and then there are some things that we learn through other people's experience, by listening and watching. So through both my bought and borrowed sense I have come up with this entries topic...Is Chivalry Dead?

RIP Chivalry
You Are Greatly Missed

Think back...
Ladies when is the last time your man or any man opened the door for you?
When is the last time your man opened a car door for you?
Look outside. Is your grass cut and your leaves raked?
Or besides that when is the last time you asked your man to do something (that required more than spending money) and he actually did it?

Men, when is the last time you did any of the above things for your woman?
When is the last time that you went out of your wya to make your woman comfortable?
When is the last time that you saw a woman struggling with her bags and you helped her?

If you're like the majority of people then you probably dont remember the last time. And since that is the case then yes you have proved to me that chivalry is dead. Or dying?

But what has changed throughout the years besides the date?
I have a few theories...

  • A good portion of young men these days aren't being raised with a father in the house and therefore there was no male figure to teach them how to be a gentleman.

  • Women have lowered their standards and no longer expect men to be gentleman.

  • Men no longer see women as princesses and queens.

  • Women hav e become so independent that they "don't need a man" to do the things that gentleman do.

It could be none of these reasons or a combination of them all who knows? But the fact is the days of ladies and gentleman are fading and if chivalry isn't already dead then we need to give it CPR!!!