Tuesday, January 25, 2011

5 Skin Care Mistakes

During the winter months skin care becomes a number one priority. The change in the weather combined with dry winter air causes drying and discoloration to the skin, which can ruin your complete look. Here are 5 habits that will cause even more damage to your skin. If you change these 5 bad skin habits with a combination of a daily skin regiment then you will be on the road to beautiful skin. For more information, you can visit www.marykay.com/imaginebeauty or send all questions to imaginebeauty@marykay.com.
5 Bad Skin Habits
1.       Choosing the wrong cleanser- This is the worst mistake that a person can make when it comes to skin care. Your cleanser is as unique as your skin, and you should look at it that way. Mary Kay offers many varieties of cleansers for your age and skin type. For more information about cleansers and skin types visit www.marykay.com/imaginebeauty.
2.       Over exfoliating- What a lot of people don’t realize is that there is a such thing as too clean. Over exfoliating strips your skin of necessary nutrients, and leaves your face looking dull, dry, and life-less. Avoid exfoliating your skin as part of your daily regiment and instead just do it every other day. Try Mary Kay’s Microdermabrasion set for the perfect exfoliation product(www.marykay.com/imaginebeauty).
3.       Over moisturizing- You wouldn’t put too much oil in your car would you? Over moisturizing your skin causes clogged pores that can cause those little nasty bumps that we hate to see. You must know your skin type in order to know how often you should apply moisturizer on your face, but generally speaking you should only apply your moisturizer after you wash your face. You should also make sure that you are using a moisturizer that will last all day instead of wearing off in a few hours leaving you with that dry feeling. And never ever use regular body lotion on your face, it’s too heavy for the skin and weighs it down.
4.       Not washing your face before you go to bed- Going to sleep with make-up and dirt on your face is a big skin care no-no. You must give your skin a chance to breath without concealers and foundations, also your skin is exposed to so many disgusting things( smoke, pollution, and dirt) who wants to let that sit on their face all night seeping into your pores. Yuck. Wash your face with a cleanser that is fit for your skin type. For cleanser options visit www.marykay.com/imaginebeauty.
5.       Wearing old make-up- Old make-up does to the skin what old milk does to your body. Got the picture? Old make-up is bad news for the skin so recycle your old make-up and restock them often. For a list of common expiration dates for most cosmetics send an email to imaginebeauty@marykay.com.

So now you are on your way to healthier skin any time of year. For more information about skin care or to do a virtual makeover visit www.marykay.com/imagineabeauty

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy MLK day! Remember that he died for equal rights for ALL people! Dont let his death be in vain! Love everyone starting with yourself! ~peace

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years Resolutions

New year, new layout, new resolutions.
The first two actually apply, but the latter not so much. I decided that this year I would be totally different. With that change I decided that that I would not be setting resolutions for myself because they are always broken. This year instead I will set standards for myself. Instead of vowing to quit cursing or to be more punctual ( I'm always running late), I just vowed to improve myself all around. I'm not going to set unrealistic goals for myself because that just leads to a ton of disappointment at the end of the year when you have a list of unresolved resolutions.
 With that said, yes it is a new year, so to spice things up I did decide to re-design the blog. Not much just changed the background and I also removed a lot of the unnecessary clutter that was weighing down my page. That is my gift for you. I want to give you all of me minus the drama. So for 2011 it's straight up no chaser. None of the frills of 2010.
I'm actually excited for this year. it seems to be very promising for us all. My online magazine True Link will be publishing its anniversary issue, so make sure that you log on to www.truelinkmagazine.com and subscribe so you can have it delivered to your inbox as soon as  it's released.
Until then, respect and love each other and yourselves.

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