Monday, August 29, 2011

Basketball Wives LA Season Premiere

The series premiere of Basketball Wives LA and I'm blogging live during this show as it goes.

Here are my favorite moments and points from the show.
  • Gloria is really killing me with her trying to keep it real act. Girl where are you from. Maybe she feels like she has a lot to prove after how she was portrayed on Basketball Wives Season 2.

  • I love how Malaysia gave them the "clap-clap" and left during the opening dinner. These chicks are already too much for me as well.
  • I'm not sure how I feel about about Jason Williams' "estranged" wife Tanya, she seems a little awkward for this show but we will see.
  • I love how Jackie Christie put mainstream media on blast for tearing down black marriage in the entertainment industry.

  • Why is it that Gloria and Imani feel the need to hate on Malaysia because she had twins 8 months ago and feels confident enough to wear short shorts and heels.
  • Tanya Williams is on one. She talks about the wrong things at the wrong  moments, like when Jackie was talking about her mother's illness and she went all into left field.

  • I never thought i would see a 27-piece on Basketball Wives but thanks to Malaysia's cousin we made history tonight.

  • I do love how they all do fun things like playing poker and paintball.
  • Laura is so messy, she said she wanted to talk to Tanya about working out, but all she did was gossip about Malaysia.
  • And of course the entire show ends with a big ghetto face off between.....well....all of the girls.

Just a mess if you ask me.

Tune in for more next week.

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White South African Man Poses In Front Of Slaughtered African Boy

Check out this photo I found on Global Grind!!!!! Just in case you questioned the fact that racism still exist.

A terrible picture on Facebook of a man posing with a rifle and a lifeless body of a black child has sparked a police investigation. Police are asking members of the public who can identify the man in the picture above to come forward.

Read More From Global Grind

Beyonce Steals the Show With Pregnancy, Britney Lets Gaga Down Easy, and Chris Brown Has The Most "fly" Performance

Honestly I wasn't a really big fan of the VMAs this year, they were kind of dry but there were a few monumental moments that made up for it. Here are my favorite VMA moments.\

Beyonce Preggers!!!!!!!!

I have been praying to the sun gods right along with Jay-Z for this moment!!!!! I missed the live pre-show so I was floored during the performance when she did the whole belly rub thing. I was able to catch the pre-show on DVR as well as get hold to some pictures of the beautiful Beyonce and her little baby bump. Beyonce had been hinting around about starting a family for a while. I raised an eyebrow when the September issue of InStyle came out and she said she would like to take some time out for her "family". I wonder what the baby's name will be. Well if Jay has a duaghter he said he would name her Brooklyn Carter (Hello Brooklyn). Hopefully the baby takes completely after Bey, because pretty much goes unsaid. I can't wait to see the baby pictures. Long time coming!!!!!

Gaga Can't Make It To First Base With Britney
Gaga's male alter-ego couldn't get a kiss from Britney while she was accepting her award. Britney who is known for kissing other women while onstage was not having that this year, and completely pretended that she didn't realize that Lady Gaga was fishing for a kiss. A lot of people didn't notice this but I thought it was the funniest moment of the night.

Chris Brown Soars Over The Crowd
The best performance was definetly my favorite performance of the entire show!!!!! I mean the dancing, the flying over the crowd, the man's energy. It was something special. That flip he did in the air was almost as awesome as when Pink was singing on the trapeze during an awards show performance....almost.

Moments I Despised

Lil' Wayne
As I metioned before I wasn't a big fan of the entire show, but I hated Lil' Wayne's outfit and his performance. I mean WTF doesn't anybody think he is acting a little "crackish"? I love Lil' Wayne's music just as much as the next one, in fact I will be reviewing The Carter 4, but animal print skinny jeans and a guitar?
That shit cray

Kreayshawn's Crew v. Rick Ross' Crew
This is a little tidbit that I just learned. Apparently Ross' crew was a little heated about some shots that Kreay- Kreay and decided to confront her live and in person backstage at the VMAs. I'm not sure who was who or what was what but there were guys yelling and pushing, Kreayshawn tried to be a little gangsta, and police were involved. Meanwhile the Boss stayed to the sideline while his goons handled Kreayshawn's posse. Hey Kreayshawn, it's not a good idea for a little tiny girl to diss a big black guy.
#Imjustsaying, sometimes things get realer than expected.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ooooohhhhh I'm super excited about seeing the premiere of Basketball Wives LA!!! I already have fallen in love with Jackie Christe, wife of retired ball player Doug Christie. I dug up some interviews and sneak peeks for you so enjoy.

Hope you all enjoy the premiere as much as I will. As usual I will be blogging and tweeting live.

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems- "Watch the Throne" Release Comes With Rap Beef For Jay

After The Game dissed Jay-Z with his "Uncle Otis" song we had to know that there would be other rappers taking shots at Jay. Especially after Jay took an alleged shot at Baby in H.A.M.
 "N***as talk about all the s**t that I do daily, like these rappers rappin' 'bout all the shit that I do really. I'm like really half a billy nigga really you got baby money, keep it real with n***as n***as ain't got my lady money."
It's not clear whether Jay was really taking shots or just rapping, but apparently Lil' Wayne took it as a serious shot at his Paw and decided to respond in his new single "It;s Good" from The Carter IV saying
 " Talkin’ ‘bout baby money, I got your baby money/Kidnap your b-tch, Get that ‘how much you love your lady?’ money.”

Well how you like that? Jay talks about Baby, Wayne taks about Bey? How did the latter two get involved who knows. But it makes sense, I mean even if Baby did come out with a diss song towards Jay, we all know it would have been written by Wayne anyway.
I'm sure it's all in love however, when Wayne was interviewed about the song, he wasn't offended, more like honored. Read More Here

I think it would be highly appropriate for Jay and Kanye to put Bey in the studio and create the best hip-hop/R&B diss record ever.

Like Kanye said "It was all good just a week ago, niggas feel themselves, then that watch the throne dropped niggas kill theyselves"

In other news however Lil' Wayne released the video for How To Love and it is Epic. Check it out below

Monday, August 22, 2011

Reality Show Re-Cap

Basketball wives, twins, football players, and fashionistas. Tonight was an eventful night for reality tv and as usual VH1 was winning!!!!! For those of you who missed any of the major shows, here's a brief re-cap.

Basketball Wives Reunion Pt. 2
As expected part two of the reunion picked up with the "popular b****es" ganging up on Meeka "Liar" Claxton for being a blabber mouth. She continued to talk in more circles than a slinky as her and Tami "Hoodrat" Roman went back and forth. The highlight of their entire spat is when Tami took shots at Speedy, which actually made him more relavent than he has ever been. The best part of the show however was them showing a clip of Shaunie O'Neal and Tami Roman blessing a young under-privileged girl with tuition money. Too bad the producers choose not to show things like this during the regular season, although Shaunie did hint that next season they will be bringing some balance to the negativity. So cross your fingers.

Lala's Full Court Life
I can already see this show being my favorite reality show this season. It  is so nice to see Lala and Carmelo Anthony show the positive side to young, black relationships. The season opens up with Kelly Rowland and Po, two of Lala's closes friends, visiting her in Denver. Lala is on edge about the trade and how that will unfold, but since we already know wat's going to happen it's kind of hard to follow. Anyway, Lala, Kelly, and Po all sit courtside at a Nuggets game, and then head for drinks with Carmelo and his crew later. A bunch more fun stuff happened that I'm not going to go into detail about, so just catch the re-run on VH1. All around it was a fun show with much needed positivity.

T.O Show
The T.O show was extremely blah. The season opens with Terrel going through his ACL surgery, with none other than Kita by his side during the whole thing. I swear those two need to quit playing and go ahead and do the thing. She's more of a wife to him than anything. I'm just saying. After the smoke clears from his surgery, the young chick that he proposed to shows up and Terrel completely forgets everything and focuses all of his attention on her. So yeah pretty much the same thing that was going on last season.

Tia and Tamera
It was so wonderful to see those twins growing up, I mean Sister Sister was my show and now one is going to be a mom and one got married to a wonderful man. Looks aside. It was a beautiful wedding and I enjoyed the show, can't wait until next week!!!!

So all in all it was a fun night for t.v, I can't say that too often. Lala's Full Court Life was my favorite as expected. And is it just me, or are we all anxious to watch Basketball Wives LA next week?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fashion, Fashion, Fashion!!!!!!!

I am watching The Devil Wears Prada for the first time ever. I know, I know, but every time I have tried to watch it in the past something always comes up or I catch it at the end. But finally the glorious day has come for me and I am finally watching the infamous Meryl Streep right now!!!!! Which inspired me to post some of my favorite fashion articles, most you can find at a social network for the fashion and beauty industry. You can submit your articles there too!!!!!!

Eyebrows, Eyebrows, Eyebrows!!!!!!!!

A mini how to guide to finding the perfecct eyebrow shape for your face.

How To Shop For Retro Sunglasses

Even though summer is almost over, you still need fab sunglasses for the Fall sun.

Christian Louboutin Loses Exclusivety Of The Red Soles

Beware!!!!!! Red bottoms could even be found on Payless shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trend Alert!!!! Elbow Patches On Menswear Are It For Fall!!!!!

Who would have thought the Sherlock Holmes look would be back?

Twisted Fashion!!!! Designers Use Food To make Fashion!!!

These are some funky outfits made of food.

M.A.C Make Up Artist Offers Perfect Product Suggestions

Hope you enjoy!!!! Leave links to your fav fashion articles below!!!!!

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Amil Reaches Out To Jay-Z During Interview

Do you all remember Amil? She was a female rapper that was signed to Rocafella Records and has also been paired up with Jay-Z. The two were rumored to be dating from 1998-2000 and she was supposedly dropped from The Roc after continuously fighting with Jay's assistants and gaining weight.

Read More About Jay-Z and Amil's Rumored Relationship

Now after disappearing from the scene and some shots fired at a couple of rappers from a twitter that Amil swears isn't hers, Amil pops back on the scene addressing multiple subjects in an interview with, especially her so called beef with Jay-Z.

"I haven't spoken to Jay in years but I really wish I could talk to him because that would just really bring closure to me. But he knows I love him," she said. "People think there was bad blood between us, but there never was any bad blood. Things happen and I wasn't ready for where my career was going at that time. It was really overwhelming."

Hmmmmm........wonder if she's feeling a little sick now that Jay is taking Beyonce's career to new heights.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Should The Game be Charged For His Twitter Hoax?

Friday rapper The Game tweeted to his 580,000 twitter followers that he was looking for interns and posted the number to the L.A Sheriff's Department non-emergency number. Thousands of people were calling in which caused the phone lines to be backed up for two hours. There was no interruption in emergency services but now there may be criminal charges filed against The Game, even though he claimed that his twitter account was hacked.

The story about his twitter account being hacked is somewhat unbelievable to me because I was live on twitter at the time he posted that tweet and the verbage was definetly his. But criminal charges are a bit extreme. It was a stupid prank, but I think it's more along the lines of something you should be fined for and not a real crime. I mean the media is even calling it a flash mob and which celebrity has ever gone to jail for a flash mob?

Seems like The Game is going to be used as an example.

I'm Just Saying


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Just A Little Linkage

Here are some stories that flew under the radar, have no comment on or we just plain missed out on. Enjoy and submit your links to

Future Millionares I Rok Fashion Interviews Ariana Pierce

Rolling Stone Crowns Eminem Current King of Hip Hop

Erykah Badu Denies Relationship With Baby Daddy D.O.C

Google Buys Motorola Mobility For $12.5 Billion Cash

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Dr. Dre Sells Shares of Beats Electronic For $300 Million!!!!!

Talk about money making moves!!!!!! Dr. Dre has sold 51% of his shares in his audio company Beats Electronic to Taiwanese company HTC, popular for their mobile devices.
The Wall Street Journal reported that the company was acquired to improve the sound quality on phones, music, video games and movies for HTC.

Although HTC has acquired over half of the company, Dr.Dre and Jimmy Iovine will still run the entire company.

“When Jimmy and Dre started this, they had a very specific vision of what Beats would be. It wasn’t about headphones, it was about fixing the degradation of sound.”
-Luke Williams, President of Beats Electronic's


Here are some other great deals made by smart business men in the hip-hop industry

Fifty Cent to Feed The World With Energy Shot

Ray J To Pen Relationship Book

SoJones Founder Plans To Sell Hip Hop Brand Domain!!!!!

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Divas!!!!!!!!!! Kandi, Tiny, and Jamie Foster Brown at the Sister2Sister Event

Kandi tweeted this picture with the following caption
"Just left the @s2smag event. Here's @TinyMajorMama, Jamie Foster Brown, @thatShekinah & I."

I have sooooooooooo much love and respect for Jamie Foster Brown. She's the reason why I started doing what I do. It's great to see black women still doing their thing in this genre of writing. Big ups to ya' mama!!!!!!!!!!!



Fifty Cent to Feed the World With An Energy Shot

No he hasn't developed some type pf bionic energy shot that could feed billions. But he has teamed uo with Pure  Growth partners in New York to develop Street Kings, an all natural energy supplement. Now how does this help children? Each shot that is bought (priced at 2.99) apiece will be used to provide a meal for a starving child.

“I’m inspired by [Clarke’s] vision and innovative approaches to tackling serious issues,” added Fif in a statement. “It’s our mission with Street King to really change children’s lives around the world,” Jackson said in a statement.”

I can definetly appreciate someone who lines their pockets and lines the bellys of starving children at the same time. Keep up the good work.

Read more at Hip Hop DX

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New Music Lil' Wayne and Drake "She Will" produced by T- Minus

"What goes around comes areounf like a hoola hoop, and karma's a  b***h well just make sure that b***h is beautiful" Wayne raps on the highly aniticipated single from Carter IV. Wayne comes with the same smooth flow full of metaphors, and you kow what they say "we gon' be alright if we put Drake on every hook". Listen to the song below and then check out Wayne in the studio recording!!!!!!

Fire...I give it a 5...leave your ratings below!!!!!

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Watch the Throne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The countdown has finally ended and a masterpiece has been released. Without any leaks, but with a lot of speculation, "Watch the Throne" has finally dropped early this morning to download and it is well worth the wait and lives up to the hype. This album is for straight up hip-hop lovers. Jay and Kanye rip serious verses over some of the dopest beats. Watch the Throne is one of those albums that you turn on for a long time and before you look up your there, and you were so into the music that you didn't realize how long you were riding. There are no gimmicks, just real rap. This album is epic and makes me reminisce about real hip hop.

It's hard to pick a favorite even though I have been listening to Watch the Throne all day on repeat. But if I had to absolutely choose it would be 'Why I Love You' featuring Mr. Hudson. What's your favorite track from Watch the Throne? Comment below or  tell me at .

Check out the album art for Watch the Throne. it's hot and you get these and more when you download it.