Monday, August 22, 2011

Reality Show Re-Cap

Basketball wives, twins, football players, and fashionistas. Tonight was an eventful night for reality tv and as usual VH1 was winning!!!!! For those of you who missed any of the major shows, here's a brief re-cap.

Basketball Wives Reunion Pt. 2
As expected part two of the reunion picked up with the "popular b****es" ganging up on Meeka "Liar" Claxton for being a blabber mouth. She continued to talk in more circles than a slinky as her and Tami "Hoodrat" Roman went back and forth. The highlight of their entire spat is when Tami took shots at Speedy, which actually made him more relavent than he has ever been. The best part of the show however was them showing a clip of Shaunie O'Neal and Tami Roman blessing a young under-privileged girl with tuition money. Too bad the producers choose not to show things like this during the regular season, although Shaunie did hint that next season they will be bringing some balance to the negativity. So cross your fingers.

Lala's Full Court Life
I can already see this show being my favorite reality show this season. It  is so nice to see Lala and Carmelo Anthony show the positive side to young, black relationships. The season opens up with Kelly Rowland and Po, two of Lala's closes friends, visiting her in Denver. Lala is on edge about the trade and how that will unfold, but since we already know wat's going to happen it's kind of hard to follow. Anyway, Lala, Kelly, and Po all sit courtside at a Nuggets game, and then head for drinks with Carmelo and his crew later. A bunch more fun stuff happened that I'm not going to go into detail about, so just catch the re-run on VH1. All around it was a fun show with much needed positivity.

T.O Show
The T.O show was extremely blah. The season opens with Terrel going through his ACL surgery, with none other than Kita by his side during the whole thing. I swear those two need to quit playing and go ahead and do the thing. She's more of a wife to him than anything. I'm just saying. After the smoke clears from his surgery, the young chick that he proposed to shows up and Terrel completely forgets everything and focuses all of his attention on her. So yeah pretty much the same thing that was going on last season.

Tia and Tamera
It was so wonderful to see those twins growing up, I mean Sister Sister was my show and now one is going to be a mom and one got married to a wonderful man. Looks aside. It was a beautiful wedding and I enjoyed the show, can't wait until next week!!!!

So all in all it was a fun night for t.v, I can't say that too often. Lala's Full Court Life was my favorite as expected. And is it just me, or are we all anxious to watch Basketball Wives LA next week?

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