Monday, August 8, 2011

Watch the Throne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The countdown has finally ended and a masterpiece has been released. Without any leaks, but with a lot of speculation, "Watch the Throne" has finally dropped early this morning to download and it is well worth the wait and lives up to the hype. This album is for straight up hip-hop lovers. Jay and Kanye rip serious verses over some of the dopest beats. Watch the Throne is one of those albums that you turn on for a long time and before you look up your there, and you were so into the music that you didn't realize how long you were riding. There are no gimmicks, just real rap. This album is epic and makes me reminisce about real hip hop.

It's hard to pick a favorite even though I have been listening to Watch the Throne all day on repeat. But if I had to absolutely choose it would be 'Why I Love You' featuring Mr. Hudson. What's your favorite track from Watch the Throne? Comment below or  tell me at .

Check out the album art for Watch the Throne. it's hot and you get these and more when you download it.

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