Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why I Hate "Ghetto" Blogs

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These days if you have a computer, a smartphone, and a wordpress account you can say you are a blogger. With the advancement of technology everybody has these so now everybody thinks they are a blogger. Well truth is you aren't, I have been doing this since before the word blogger hit the dictionary, and I'm quite tired of all the filth that I have seen on the internet. After researching who actually started some of these blogs it angers me anymore because there are some educated black individuals who actually control the filth that is on the web, which means that they are strategically playing on the lack of education within urban communities. Take Mediatakeout for example. The individual who started this blog is an educated businessman who actually has a law degree, so why are there constantly grammatical errors in every blog? Why do they report filth within the black community? Why are they dumbing themselves down purposely? Why is it that they call themselves the most visted urban website, but don't do anything to uplift urban communities? Hmmmmm makes you wonder what type of plan the African businessman had when he opened the blog. I'm not saying that it isn't entertaining, it is. It's just as entertaining as Basketball Wives or the Flavor of Love, and just as detrimental to the black communities. Then it kills me even more that they are never reporting facts, it's always some type of rumor or speculation and we don't even bother to check the reports. Kills me.
Why is that we can't read sites like ,, or where there are real bloggers/reporters who actually check the facts and use spell check? Not to say that you shouldn't read the ghetto blogs, but use them for what they are pure entertainment, and not a viable news source. Will I stop reading them, no I think they are entertaining. Will I ever quote them or link back to them, yes if they have a valid news story that I can verify with other sources. But let's stop allowing them to demean us by dumbing down and giving us garbage to read. Expand your horizons and your vocabulary.
I'm not hating, I'm just saying.


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