Sunday, August 21, 2011

Amil Reaches Out To Jay-Z During Interview

Do you all remember Amil? She was a female rapper that was signed to Rocafella Records and has also been paired up with Jay-Z. The two were rumored to be dating from 1998-2000 and she was supposedly dropped from The Roc after continuously fighting with Jay's assistants and gaining weight.

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Now after disappearing from the scene and some shots fired at a couple of rappers from a twitter that Amil swears isn't hers, Amil pops back on the scene addressing multiple subjects in an interview with, especially her so called beef with Jay-Z.

"I haven't spoken to Jay in years but I really wish I could talk to him because that would just really bring closure to me. But he knows I love him," she said. "People think there was bad blood between us, but there never was any bad blood. Things happen and I wasn't ready for where my career was going at that time. It was really overwhelming."

Hmmmmm........wonder if she's feeling a little sick now that Jay is taking Beyonce's career to new heights.

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