Monday, August 8, 2011

Basketball Wives Season Finale

Basketball Wives Season 3 ended with a bang as expected. Notorious blabber mouth Meeka Claxton wasn't on the scene so things were almost peaceful as the girls wrapped up the show. Suzy attempted to play mediator once again between Royce and Jennifer, which ended in Jennifer walking out before Royce could meet up with the two at a pre-arranged get together. Of course Royce kept her tough demeanor and made a stab at Jen's crazy looking gray colored contacts. You know that was funny.
Shaunie O'neal started negotiations for her first shoe line in partnership with Chinese Laundry, while Evelyn had a confrontation with Chad about a lunch date that he went on with some other chick. The whole thing ended in smiles and giggles which made me question the reality of these reality shows. That's a whole other post though.....
The major drama of the night was the confrontation between Jennifer and Eric Williams. It got pretty nasty when Jennifer revealed that Eric had been contacting her in an attempt to reconcile their relationship. Eric all of a sudden started going in on Jen talking about how she would never be anything and blah, blah, blah. Then after he has said all that he could think of he gets up to walk out on her, but before he could get two paces away Jennifer throws her drink at him which barely sprinkled the back of his shirt. He then comes back, gets in Jen's face, and throws a drink in her face, nearly hitting her in the face. What would you expect from Eric Williams?
But it's cool though, because Jen had her divorce party and killed Eric off on her wedding cake. She also was very, very, cozy with the guy that Al Reynolds hooked her up with. I'm pretty sure that she got some too.

Watch clips from the Basketball Wives Season Finale

So you know they ended it there so we would be anxious for two weeks waiting for the reunion show. I hope they have heavy security because I have a feeling that somebody is going to throw something, a fist, an elbow, a shoe, something. And you know I will keep you all updated.

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