Monday, August 29, 2011

Basketball Wives LA Season Premiere

The series premiere of Basketball Wives LA and I'm blogging live during this show as it goes.

Here are my favorite moments and points from the show.
  • Gloria is really killing me with her trying to keep it real act. Girl where are you from. Maybe she feels like she has a lot to prove after how she was portrayed on Basketball Wives Season 2.

  • I love how Malaysia gave them the "clap-clap" and left during the opening dinner. These chicks are already too much for me as well.
  • I'm not sure how I feel about about Jason Williams' "estranged" wife Tanya, she seems a little awkward for this show but we will see.
  • I love how Jackie Christie put mainstream media on blast for tearing down black marriage in the entertainment industry.

  • Why is it that Gloria and Imani feel the need to hate on Malaysia because she had twins 8 months ago and feels confident enough to wear short shorts and heels.
  • Tanya Williams is on one. She talks about the wrong things at the wrong  moments, like when Jackie was talking about her mother's illness and she went all into left field.

  • I never thought i would see a 27-piece on Basketball Wives but thanks to Malaysia's cousin we made history tonight.

  • I do love how they all do fun things like playing poker and paintball.
  • Laura is so messy, she said she wanted to talk to Tanya about working out, but all she did was gossip about Malaysia.
  • And of course the entire show ends with a big ghetto face off between.....well....all of the girls.

Just a mess if you ask me.

Tune in for more next week.

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