Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems- "Watch the Throne" Release Comes With Rap Beef For Jay

After The Game dissed Jay-Z with his "Uncle Otis" song we had to know that there would be other rappers taking shots at Jay. Especially after Jay took an alleged shot at Baby in H.A.M.
 "N***as talk about all the s**t that I do daily, like these rappers rappin' 'bout all the shit that I do really. I'm like really half a billy nigga really you got baby money, keep it real with n***as n***as ain't got my lady money."
It's not clear whether Jay was really taking shots or just rapping, but apparently Lil' Wayne took it as a serious shot at his Paw and decided to respond in his new single "It;s Good" from The Carter IV saying
 " Talkin’ ‘bout baby money, I got your baby money/Kidnap your b-tch, Get that ‘how much you love your lady?’ money.”

Well how you like that? Jay talks about Baby, Wayne taks about Bey? How did the latter two get involved who knows. But it makes sense, I mean even if Baby did come out with a diss song towards Jay, we all know it would have been written by Wayne anyway.
I'm sure it's all in love however, when Wayne was interviewed about the song, he wasn't offended, more like honored. Read More Here

I think it would be highly appropriate for Jay and Kanye to put Bey in the studio and create the best hip-hop/R&B diss record ever.

Like Kanye said "It was all good just a week ago, niggas feel themselves, then that watch the throne dropped niggas kill theyselves"

In other news however Lil' Wayne released the video for How To Love and it is Epic. Check it out below

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