Tuesday, October 20, 2009

He wishes he could father every child in the world!!!!

It seems as if every other blog post is full of news about Lil' Wayne's latest antics and I honestly try not to talk down on the boy, but today as I finally turned my computer on and logged onto the internet the first headline I saw on black voices was Lil Wayne expects third child with R&B singer Nivea. My curiosity was instantly peaked. So those that know me know that I instantly followed the link. So basically this is how the story goes...we all know that Lil' Wayne has a baby with his high school girlfriend right? Well what we may know is that he just had another baby with actress Lauren London and another unnamed college student. And not only that but now Mr. Dewayne Michael Carter Jr. is expecting another baby with R&B singer and his former boo Nivea!!!So yes count it people that is 4 yes 4 children!!!!
In my opinion( and here that is all that really matters) if Lil' Wayne doesn't stop now he's gonna be a broke down baby's daddy like ya boy FLAVA FLAV!!!!!!!!!!!! But in all seriousness though how would you feel if your baby's father made a song called I wish I could fuck every girl in the world and then is giving you proof daily that he may just be doing that? I know me personally, I used to worship Lil' Wayne but I know i would never disrespect myself by sleeping with a man who had more than one baby on the way. This behavior is not acceptable from an everage man so why should we accept this from star?

Check out the entire article @ http://www.bvnewswire.com/2009/10/19/lil-wayne-expecting-third-son-with-nivea/

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