Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Lebron James

Basketball mega-star Lebron James will be celebrating his 27th birthday by doing what he does best. Playing basketball. Him and the Miami Heat will be facing off against the Minnesota Timberwolves tonight but the Heat have an advantage. Lebron always plays extra hard on his birthday. He averages 35.3 points 7.8 rebounds and 5 assists on birthday games.

"My birthday and my mom's birthday are the two days I feel real, real good about playing basketball," James said on Friday morning after the team's shootaround. "I've had the luxury of having games on my birthday and my mom's birthday so we'll see what happens."
-Lebron James

Happy birthday King James...hope you celebrate with a win!!!!

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The End of Katy and Russell

After a year of marriage, Russell Brand files for divorce from singer Katy Perry. The two have reportedly been having marital issues that lead to a huge fight before Christmas. The argument, which may have been caused by Russell's feelings towards Perry's parents, may have been the breaking point because after the two were spotted without wedding rings and even spent the holiday apart.
Brand filed for divorce Friday, stating that the two had ”irreconcilable differences”. He also released the following statement,
"Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage," Brand said in a statement. "I'll always adore her and I know we'll remain friends."

Awww can't say I'm shocked though.....I'm just saying.....
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Jackie Magazine At It Again!

After the fiasco at Jackie Magazine over their editor calling Rihanna a N-word with a ghetto booty you would think they would fall back a little...but no.
Apparently the magazine is outraged by their editor deciding to leave and has taken back their apology and has also lashed out at the public in the following statement
” [T]here is nothing wrong in the magazine. [Hoeke] presented it as a joke, but it most certainly was not a joke. It was an interpretation [of a fashion style]…She should have said: “we did not realize this interpretation is such a touchy subject. We never meant any harm and offer our sincere and upright apologies.” But because of all the fuss, Eva started to wiggle in all directions, and therefore we have come to the conclusion her credibility has been undermined.”

Smh....when will these people learn?

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Drake and Kanye Lending Skills for Bieber's Believe Album

Justin Bieber is a hot little guy...and I'm speaking from an industry stand point. He is the guy that everyone wants to work with and he will have some high profile names on the inside cover of his new album.
His fellow Canadian entertainer Drake will be joining him to work on the album starting in January. I'm excited to see how things work out especially after the two performed ”Trust Issues” live together.
Kanye West will also be joining the production team for the album which is due to be released in Summer 2012.

Soooo guess what album I want for my b-day?!

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Big Gov and The Black Guvernment Music Group

Scene: It's a cold night in Detroit, it's raining, it's dark, and it's silent. You're mobbing through the streets and you need some music to listen to. You're tired of listening to the same old music about flossing, bad women, and getting throwed. You put in the new Big Gov mixtape and ....banger!!!!!

I recently had the chance to meet one of Detroit's hottest rap labels Black Guvernment Music Group and their starring act Big Gov from Detroit, MI. Now anyone who knows me, knows that I love a local rap movement, and this one is the strongest!  You have to have seen these guys too. Big Gov is one of the main producers for Pinky XXX and he also played Marcel in the movie "Envy". You can also check him out on Reverbnation, Pandora, and download the "Debt Collector" on iTunes.

The Black Guvernment Music Group as a whole has a lot going, these guys never sleep. With the re-release of "Money Talks" and the upcoming video shoot the movement grows everyday. They are looking for models for there video as well so for inquiries email

Want to get your own taste of Big Gov live and in person. Check him out Dec.16th at The Urban Soul Party where they will be performing along with Slum Village at Blondie's Nightclub 2281 W. Fort St Detroit MI.

Check out Money Talk below.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mo' money, mo' problems. Fred Hampton Jr. responds to Jay-Z's Fred Hampton Verse

Another case of a sensitive Susan. Son of Black Panther Fred Hampton who was assassinated by the New York Police is all up in arms about the way Jay Z described Hampton's death in Murder of Excellence. During a screening for The Black Power Mixtape:1967-1975 Fred Hampton Jr. blasted Hov for the following lyric ” I arrived on the day Fred Hampton died, real niggas don't die they multiply”. Apparently Hampton has a problem with the fact that Jigga didn't let the world know that ” Fred Hampton didn't die he was assassinated” and even called him Slave-Z.
Come on now!!!! It's a lyric died rhymed with alive, assassinated didn't fit and instead of trying to beef with Hov, how about use this opportunity to educate the masses on who your father really was.
I'm just saying.......

Jay Z and Kanye West have yet to release a statement.

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MAC Viva La Glam Limited Edition Shades Are Back!!!!!

Fashionistas!!!! MAC has re-released some of our favorite Viva la Glam shades such as Gaga 1 for a limited time only!!!!! What better than getting your favorite lip shades and helping a great cause. All proceeds go to the MAC Aids fund.
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Young Buck Coming To Maybach Music Group?

I have been waiting for Young Buck to bounce back after his cry baby confessional with the industry bully 50 Cent. Even though Buck has released a few mixtapes that got the streets whispering, he hasn't really got a buzz. However, according to an interview posted on Buck is making a mixtape on ” behalf” of Rick Ross' MMG. Now that's not to say that Buck is going to sign with MMG but I mean we can kind of read between the lines, Ross wants to see how got Buck's mixtape will be before he signs him.
I'm excited for Buck. We see what Ross did for Wale and Meek Mill.

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