Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Shocked By Jail Sentence.

Aww poor Lilo, sentenced to jail for 120 days after her mini-jewelry heist. She is extremely disappointed after the jail sentencing because she claimed that she was making an attempt to get her life together. It never ceases to amaze me how mainstream entertainers are shocked when they are sentenced to jail while hip-hop artist such as T.I are sent back to jail everytime they make a move. It's time for Lindsay to put on her big girl panties cuz s**t just got real!!!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Definetly In for Gotti Movie.

So after the back and forth it has been confirmed that Lindsay Lohan is back on to be part of the cast for the new John Gotti movie. She did get bumped down however from playing Victoria Gotti to playing John Gotti Jr.'s daughter-in-law, a role initially meant for Kim Kardashian (snatchies!!!)
TMZ reports that Lindsay personally patched things up with producers after she was canned for management issues.
This could be a major career move for Lindsay as she has supposedly signed on for another move with the producers of "Gotti: Three Generations" called "Mob Street".

Woman Cuts Best Friend's Baby Out of Her Womb???!!!!

This is just about the sickest thing I have ever heard of. According to Kathy Michelle Coy trstified Tuesday that she led her friend and expecting mother Jamie Stice to a wooded area of Kentucky and used a stun gun to immobilize her. After Stice was out cold she then cut the baby out of her and left her to die in the woods. Coy then went to a neighbor's house claiming she had given birth and the two rushed to the hospital. When they got there the ovaries were still attached to the uterus and everything...Gross!!!
This chick is psycho, she even tried to get her teenage children involved in the whole scandal!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rapper The Game Ready to "Do the right thang"

Wedding bells are ringing in the hip hop industry!!! Rapper The Game is all set to propose to his baby's mother and long time girlfriend Tiffany.
Check out the tweets that he sent her while touring Keri Hilson, Ciara, Snoop Dogg, and more while touring in Australia.

I'm not sure how romantic a suggested proposal via twitter would make me feel, but it clearly is not about me.
Congratulations to The Game and Tiffany.

Warren G Records Song Dedicated to Nate Dogg

West Coast rap veteran has recorded a song dedicated to his long lost homie Nate Dogg. He bagan recording the song before Nate Dogg passed away on March 15, 2011 from a pre-existing medical condition. Nate Dogg told TMZ that all profits from "Dedicated" will go towards a trust fund for Nste Dogg's children.
Nate Dogg is most known for the song he did with Warren G titled "Regulate"
Hear a snippet of the track from TMZ .

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Do Missing Blacks Get Less Media Coverage Than Missing Whites?

A beautiful teenage girl goes missing while on vacation. She's an honor student who was happy at home and has no reason to run away. Sounds familar doesn't it like the recent story of Natalee Holloway. But it isn't her just her story. It's also the story of Phylicia Barnes a young black teenager who went missing while visiting her half-sister in Baltimore, Maryland. But nobody talks about Phylicia. I hadn't even heard of Phylicia until I was reading the May 2011 issue of Ebony magazine. I was so moved by the article that I had to share this story with everyone.
Phylicia Barnes is an honor student who is now 17 (she was 16 when she disappeared) is from Monroe, N.C and was visiting her half-sister in Baltimore, MD when she disappeared from the apartment that she was last seen sleeping in on Dec.28, 2010. Phylicia's parents were divorced and she was visiting family members who she had just recently reunited with. Phylicia's half-sisters Kelly and Deena Barnes both said that they had been texting Phylicia about their afternoon plans but at around 12:30 neither sister got responses from Phylicia. Around 1 pm Deena received a call from her ex-boyfriend to say that he was there at the apartment to move his things and wash his clothes, and that Phylicia was sleeping and that he heard her phone ringing. At 1:30 Deena's ex left the apartment and also around that time Phylicia is said to have left the apartment as well to get her hair cut although I'm not really clear where that came from. The only belongings of hers that were missing were a pair of slipper booties, which those close to Phylicia said she would never wear outdoors, and her cellphone, which has had no activity since she last texted her sisters. Her facebook account has also been inactive. Phylicia's sisters weren't alarmed until about 6 o'clock when nobody had heard from her. Police were summoned as well as police dogs, but Phylicia's scent went cold in the parking lot of the apartment building. Police don't suspect that she is a runaway, but they do suspect foul play. They just don't know whether it's a kidnapping or a homicide.
What's even more upsetting than the disappearance of Phylicia Barnes is the lack of media attention that her disappearance had received. Phylicia's disappearance was so similar to Natalee Holloway and Elizabeth Smart both young white girls whose disappearances were plastered all over every major media outlet. Most media outlets outright refused to even show a picture of Phylicia Barnes. America's Most Wanted gave her a 45 second blur on the television. Although Baltimore Police Department worked hard on Phylicia's case, it's almost impossible to relocate missing people without some type of media coverage. Investigators believe that had she received national coverage they may have gotten more tips. So Phylicia received nearly no media coverage, and the trail went cold.
It's heartbreaking to know that someone so young and with such a bright future can go missing and nobody cared to run a story on her. So many black girls and boys meet the same fate. Often the disappearance's aren't even investigated due to police officers having biased opinions and believing that black children often just run away. Many people have dedicated organizations dedicated to finding missing black people such as Black & Missing (Google it). Hopefully with the exposure that Ebony magazine has given the disappearance of Phylicia Barnes this case, and cases just like here's, will get new information and be re-opened. You can see more information about Phylicia Barnes from the FBI website by clicking here.
 DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Majic Johnson Invests In Vibe

Movie theaters, Starbuck's, now magazines. Yes that's true, Majic Johnson former NBA superstar turned business man has invested in Vibe Holdings and has been named the chairperson of Vibe LLC which owns Vibe Magazine,, Uptown Magazine and the Soul Train TV show and library. This is a major move for the Magic man and Majic Jonhson Enterprises.

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Lil' B Says new Album to Be Titled "I'm Gay"

At the Coachella Music Festival in sunny California Lil' B, a 21-year old rapper who claims to be straight announced that the name of his new album will be called "Im Gay".
There have been many rumors speculating around the rapper's sexuality,especially since he released a freestyle titled "I'm a Faggot". Lil' B addressed these rumors in an interview with Complex magazine.

"It's a touchy subject. I respect the hell out of gays and the gay community," he told Complex magazine "I'm not a gay man"
Well I don't know about that one. Lil' B could be trying to test the hip hop waters with all these titles. Hmmmm....I'm just saying!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Does the FBI know who Biggie's Killer Is?

CBS Los Angeles is shedding new light on the murder of rapper Notorious B.I.G after posting links to newly released FBI files containing information that leads me and many others to believe that not only does the FBI know exactly who killed Biggie but that LAPD members are deeply involved in the murder and cover up.
I read the files and it's quite sad if it is true. According to the FBI's report the case was "thwarted" after an unidentified person uncovered LAPD involement in the murder. The report also says in plain English that they know who killed Biggie, they know that the LAPD assisted in setting the murder up, and that even though they know all of this there is still not enough evidence to convict anybody.
Read the reports here. There is a lot to read but I guarantee it is valuable information.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ga ga Not So Glam

I am a huge fan of Lady Gaga's over the top avant garde fashion. I also love the way she stays in character all the time. Sooooo I was totally shocked to see Gaga out of character and looking...well plain.
Yes that's Lady Gaga looking plain shopping right before her birthday. I guess she just needed a break from her everyday crazy outfits.

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Rihanna Cover's Rolling Stone-Inside Video

Ri Ri covered Rolling Stone fo Friday's issue and she was absolutely glamarous. Let's send a big "YOU GO GIRL" to the red head diva. I didn't pick up the magazine yet ( I know #fail) but I did find a pretty cool video of Rihanna on set with Rolling Stone and she answers a few questions from her fans on twitter.

You can see the video bigger  by visiting this link.

Diamonds are Forever-Trina's New Mixtape

The self-proclaimed Baddest B***h is back again with another mixtape titled "Diamond's are Forever"  Now I'm kind of partial because I really wasn't feeling her last album but this mixtape is kinda hot, and I haven't even heard the whole thing.  She definetly came harder with this one, bringing back that classic Trina flow.

I'm just glad we have some competition in the game once again for the top female spot.
Let's send a big "YOU GO GIRL!!!!!" to the baddest b***h!!!!
You can decide for yourself by downloading the mixtape here .

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Angry Black Woman Syndrome

So earlier today I was doing a couple of loads of laundry in the basement when I hear shouts, claps, stomps and a barrage of "hell yeahs" coming from the den upstairs. I thought maybe my hubby had won another round of Fight Night 4 on the Playstation so I payed it no mind. But then when I walked into the room I realized that he wasn't playing his game but instead he was learning the game. He invited me into the room saying "Sit down babe, you need to see this". So I did and what I saw changed my perception of a lot of people.
What were we watching you ask? It was a film called Diary of a Tired Black Man and it was sort of like a documentary I guess. It showed how much of a struggle it is to be with an angry black woman. The film started with a brief film clip showing a black woman and her friends dogging a black man for dating a white woman. The man who is played by Tim Alexander (who is actually the creator of the film) then sets all of the woman straight, basically telling them that the attitude that they were displaying was the reason that he had been driven into the arms of the white woman.
Now you know I am not the one to feed into any type of stereotypes but Alexander actually diagnoses the attitudes that many black woman have as Angry Black Woman Syndrome. Now sista's I immediately said "Oh hell no" when I heard this but I had agreed to always be open minded and hear things out before I instantly judged ( which obviously another thing that black women do...making snap judgements.). But after watching the film and soaking in what Alexander says I hate to say but I actually agree with some of it.
Now let me just say that Angry Black Woman Syndrome(ABWS) is not an actual medical condition, it is just something that the film maker made up. But just think about it though, as a black woman have you ever been over the top pissed for no reason? If you are not a black woman have you ever gotten into an unnecessary confrontation with a black woman over something so petty and trivial that at the end you couldn't even remember what you are arguing about. Let me be the first to admit that I have a mild case of ABWS, I start off a lot of my thoughts with Oh hell no's and most of my dialogue is extremely colorful. I get mad as hell for no reason sometimes to the point where my chest is heaving and I see red. Twisting my neck and snapping my fingers while I talk is almost second nature.Okay maybe I have more than a mild case, but that's okay. According to the film the reason why black woman fly off the handle is because of mis-placed hatred due to deep seeded issues from childhood. Being abandoned and abused by every man you have known since childhood causes a lot of emotional damage to black women, and it's sad that most times it goes on being mis-diagnosed as being a strong black woman. What's even more sad is the damaging relationships that we get into looking for love in all the wrongs places, having babies with some of the most trifling men in the world in hopes that we can change them...but we don't and we can't. And being in these relationships causes more damage than we can handle, which causes us to be more angry. Interesting...another vicious cycle.
Now to my male readers, don't read this and think it gives you an excuse to be trifling, your girl is not tripping just because she has ABWS. Step your game up for your woman and make it easier for her to lift her head and have some pride. Ladies, we all know that this is not an actual condition so don't think that there is something wrong with you. But do take heed to the message, let all that past baggage go so that you can have a better tomorrow. #Imjustsaying.

Please do check out Diary of a Tired Black Man by Tim Alexander, whether you agree or disagree at

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