Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Just As Low Down As The Rest Of Them

So the real reason that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver split has come out. Apparently Arnold knocked up a long-time household staff member about 10 years ago!The staff member had worked for the couple for 20 years and just recently retired in January of this year. Arnold told Maria about the affair but not the baby shortly after leaving the governer's office. Maria split from Arnold earlier this year after he finally admitted that he had a ten year old son that he had been keeping from her. Wow.
It's all shocking news, but I don 't understand why everybody is so shocked that Arnold Schwarzenegger would dare to do something like that. I think people need to understand that celebs are human too and regardless of how many people he saved in his movies it doesn't mean that he's just Mr. Super America. Although he may have learned how to hide that baby from Predator. I mean that to say that Arnold is just as low down as the rest of them so please don't be so shocked!!!!
Now as for Ms. Maria. I really do feel sorry for her for what her husband did, but dang honey you should have been keeping a closer eye on your husband, your house, and your financial statements. This woman stayed employed after she had a baby by her man!!!!! And Maria had no clue. I mean I never blame the woman for a man cheating but when stuff like this goes down in your own house sometimes I believe that somebody may have been looking the other way....#I'mjustsaying

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