Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Make-up That Guys Hate

Today while applying my makeup, I decided to go a little less bold with the eyes and more extreme with the lips. I have been doing that the past couple of days. I tried a red lip that I really liked, but to my dismay when I emerged from the bathroom to get the usual approval of my beloved I was met by raised eyebrows...and not the good ones. At that point however I had fallen in  love with my bright red lips (which he compared to his grandmother's church lipstick...lol) and I didn't really care what he thought (I know right).
But I did find it quite interesting that while browsing the web today I found an article about beauty trends that men hate and women love. I find it absolutely empowering that women continue to rock the trends that they like even though the men they love hate them.

What are some trends that you love that your partner doesn't? Comment below!!!

Read the article here.


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