Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Down Hill for Whitney

Picture courtesy of TMZ
I was really rooting for a full Whitney Houston to make a full recovery and reclaim her spot as one of the number one R&B divas but clearly that isn't happening at all...period. Not only is Whitney still on that stuff and in outpatient rehab , but she has gotten so bad that Prince has banned her from even attending any pf her performances. Why? Well a rep for Prince told TMZ that it is because Prince is tired of Whitney's constant ticket request and also tired of her asking to come onstage during performances. Anyone who has known a crackhead before knows that that is why you ban a crakhead from coming to the family gatherings. This is so sad...Bobbi Brown has surpassed Whitney on the road to recovery and I honestly wanted  it the other way around. #I'mjustsaying

Read the article from TMZ here.

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