Sunday, May 1, 2011

Congrats to Nick, Mariah, and "Dem Babies"

It's official!!! As I reported a few days ago on Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey welcomed two beautiful babies, a girl and a boy, Saturday.

"Congratulations to Mariah & Nick on the birth of #dembabies!!, a rep for Carey wrote on her Twitter page. "Born, April 30th at 12:07pm ET. Mommy, Daddy & #dembabies are all doing fine!"

What's even cuter(I know it's not a word...sue me) is that the babies were actually born on the couple's anniversary. Awwww. The two who have now been married for 4 years (wow time flies) had planned to renew their vows on their anniversary and even though Mariah is still recovering it is rumored that the two will still renew their vows.

I must admit when I first caought wind of this May/September romance I was extremely skeptical. I wanted mariah with someone who wasn't playing on Disney movies and singing "Gigilo" songs but it seems like Cannon has enough grown man swag to hold it down.
I am extremely excited to see "dem babies"!!! Congrats Nick and Mariah!!!

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