Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chris Brown Lands Role in "Think Like a Man"

I am a huge fan of Chris Brown.
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I know that after that a lot of you probably didn't read past the first line but in reality I don't know Chris Brown personally I only know him as an artist so I refuse to judge him for things that occur in his personal life and I have never had a personal conversation with him.
So with that said, I am very excited to see Chris in a movie again and I will get that opportunity to see him in Steve Harvey's "Think Like a Man". They are turning the popular book into a movie, and even though I think the book was a complete snooze the film may actually be interesting.
It's about four couples whose lives were turned around when the women in the relationships picked up a copy of Steve Harvey's book "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man".
Interesting, I hope Steve Harvey is not inn it and I'm sure that there will be a scene when Breezy take's his shirt off.

Sidenote: Media outlets need to learn to let a man have his moment. I picked up this story from Huffington Post and they literally said two or three words about Chris being in the movie and the rest of the article was about Rihanna. It's sad that in the future when Chris wants to show his children and grand-children articles about him that it will be interrupted with tales of his anger issues...let the man have his moment.
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