Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Smack Heard Around The World!!!!!!!!

Honestly, I haven't even been watching Basketball Wives Season 3 for one reason and one reason only, Meeka Claxton. Putting it all on the table, I can't stand her ass. I can't stand a grown woman who sits there and runs her mouth and expects it to be just that. I was even more heated when I found out that Meeka was suing "Cousin Tammi" (as I have began to call her) for the altercation in Italy, so I had to tune in last night to see Meeka get her "face smacked off" as Suzie says. I really wanted to see if in fact she really did deserve it as I am not a big fan of grown women fighting, and just as expected she did. She ran her mouth to Suzie whose loyalty clearly lies with Tami, and then when confronted with the situation she purposely put her fingers in Tami's face in the exact way that Tami had previously asked her not to do. So in my book, Meeka, you asked for it. And once again, poor Suzie was caught in the middle.
Watch the smack heard around the world!!!!!

If you ask me (which you did that's why you are reading) Tami just needed to set this bitch straight and she didn't even mess her face up so Meeka can sit down with the lawsuits. You didn't see Evelyn suing last season did you?

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